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Melt Fat, Lose Inches, Destroy Stress, and Feel AMAZING

We reveal the almost Magical formula that’s changing lives right here in Colorado Springs!

Hey there!

My name is Isaac Costley, one of the instructors here at CFMAF, and I’m here to tell you, I know what it’s like. I have the same challenges you do: trying to eat right, get enough exercise, and have the confidence to keep it together, especially when I find myself staring in the mirror, wishing I looked like I used to!

Life Takes it’s Toll on your Body

Of course, we all try. We WANT to do better. You might have tried a gym or workout program, and if you’re like 95% of people who try stuff like that, it probably didn’t workout.  Normal, run-of-the mill fitness routines rarely help people reach their goals, because, well….they’re BORING. And if the routine you’re trying to COMMIT yourself to is BORING, you’re setting yourself up for failure! I know because I’ve been there. But…

There IS an Answer!

What people in Colorado Springs are quickly learning is that our Colorado Springs Kickboxing classes are specifically designed to set you up for success. We’ve honed our programs over years and created something amazing that you won’t find anywhere else. Our classes are specifically designed to help YOU reach YOUR GOALS.  Our classes are engaging, exciting, and packed with people just like you who are striving everyday to better themselves.

Wait! Before you go further-

  • You don't Need Any Experience; Everyone Fits in, whether you're in Shape or Not!

  • Our Professional Instructors get to know YOU and help you with what you need to get on Track

  • It's not Boring, Repetitive exercise; your body won't get 'Used' to the moves. You'll Build Muscle and Lose Fat Fast.

  • The Group Setting allows Members to Encourage and keep each other Accountable (this is the secret to our members' success!)

Hard to believe it’s REAL! But Hear What our Members have said:

“There’s absolutely NOTHING like Kickboxing! It’s such a great workout. I’ve never actually looked forward to exercise, but I really actually can’t wait to get to class. It’s hard work but in a good way. I feel better and I know I look better!” – Patty, Mom of 4

Our Members are ROCKIN It! What would YOUR Success Story be like?

“I truly didn’t think this was possible. I’m literally in the best shape of my life, and people I used to know are just floored. I’m floored too! It’s actually hard to even imagine myself before. I’m so much happier, I go where I want and do what I want.. I just feel great! – Sandra


Because we CARE about YOU, let’s have some REAL TALK:

It’s NOT Going to be Easy!

Stop! Stop searching for the “Silver Bullet” that’s going to make you lose weight, get fit and look amazing without any effort. It doesn’t exist and if you’re still looking for it, you’re not JUST wasting time, you’re on an emotional roller coaster that has no end. Trust me, I was there once too!

But there IS an answer. Follow me here for a minute. You know, just like everyone else does, that exercise is challenging. If you want results it’s going to be hard. Now, everyone knows that. and for some people, that’s why they never get started. If that’s been your fear, that it’s going to be hard, JUST DO IT! Get started and start feeling good about yourself.

But It Will Be SO Worth It!

But….You’ve probably already tried just starting. Probably more than once. You’ve probably tried different things, with varying degrees of success. But if you didn’t LOVE what you were doing, eventually, you may not have stuck with it like you hoped you would.

That’s where our Kickboxing classes are different. You’ll do this. And you’ll do it REALLY, REALLY well. You’ll stick with it, and you’ll see the results you want. Now we have to be honest, it’s not that elusive “Silver Bullet”. It’s going to be challenging. You’re going to sweat, work, and get sore. But that’s OK! Because this time it will work.

It Will Work Because you’ll Actually LIKE it!

How do we know? Well besides the loads of students who absolutely love our classes, we have a few really effective tools on our side that will benefit you tremendously. If you’ll enter your email you’ll be able to download our Free Report: “5 Things They Don’t Want You to Know About Kickboxing” where we’ll delve deeply into exactly why the Big Box Gyms really don’t like Kickboxing classes like ours, but just so you know that we really have something special going on, we’ll give you a sneak peak at #4.

Check out this Excerpt *Stolen* From our Free Report: 5 Things They Don’t Want You to Know About Kickboxing:

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4: You Get to be “Part of the Club”

How in the WORLD are you supposed to be successful (you know, stick with it long enough to get over that initial hump, start seeing results, but then not lose steam, and stick with it long term), when you walk into the gym and feel like an outsider?

You take one look at all the beautiful people in those places and if you’re anything like us, you feel like you don’t fit in. And let’s face it, we’re HUMANS! We have a deep, driving desire to be accepted.

Which is Really Important

That’s what our students say is one of the best parts of our classes. You’ll fit in RIGHT AWAY because everyone there is working hard on the same goals you are. Wait, scratch that. It’s not just fitting in, it’s belongingbecause your peers are right there side by side with you, they know what you’re going through, and they WANT you to reach your goals! Fitting in is becoming what you’re not so that people don’t notice you. That’s not healthy. Belonging is being yourself (and improving step by step) surrounded by people who accept you for who you are. That’s what we do. It’s just the culture of our classes, we support each other because…well, because that gets better results! It’s just how we roll.

Let’s Rock it, Together!

You CAN Do it. We’ll send you the Report, plus show you Prices and Schedules on the next page:

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