Adult Streetwise

Don’t be a victim
Joint locks and strategic
strikes, knees, elbows,
shin techniques.

Kids/Family Martial Arts

Not in our city
Learn anti-abduction
& safety techniques

Kick ‘N’ It Kickboxing

Fitness Kick
Boxing with a Kick!
Kick ‘N’ Cage
Fitness training

Real Techniques for the Real World

Colorado Springs ONLY Adult Streetwise Martial Arts CFMAF was founded as a learning and training institution where the community of Colorado Springs could come together to practice and learn to defend themselves through the martial arts discipline of Adult Streetwise. Adult Streetwise is known throughout the world for incorporating the strengths and benefits of many martial arts systems, while eliminating their perceived weaknesses.

Call 719.237.0043 and come by to learn more about our exciting “FLEX TIME” workouts designed specifically for you!  You can come in and work out on the open floor and the weight facility any time!

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