We train not to be ‘as good as’, but to be ‘better than’

Master Costley has over a quarter century of training in many different styles and systems. The proof is within the class. Come and live the experience. Master Costley’s class IS NOT for those whose sole purpose is to obtain a black belt. The belt means nothing. Look around you, see how many instructors and students hold a black belt but have little to no skill or knowledge. It is running rampant. In our school, people train to obtain knowledge, develop skill, and increase confidence. We believe that hard work, sweat, and dedication are the essential ingredients required to become your best. To become the Elite, you must train like the Elite.

At CFMAF we stress the “I Don’t Try…I DO!” mentality. We train not to be ‘as good as’, but to be ‘better than’. This means that we do what needs to be done to achieve that which others want, but never will receive, due to lack of effort.

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We train you, not merely instruct you. To just know a technique is good, but without proper conditioning as its companion, will you be able to sustain yourself in a true confrontation? The person and family that strives within our classes must be willing to work to achieve real growth. They cannot be looking to just have a belt given to them. Yes, it is a challenge. But when you conquer that challenge, you can look at yourself and know you have accomplished something others only wish they could. There is no value to something just given. Many from other schools boast of the thousands who have a black belt like them. For me and my students, we would rather be the few, the elite, the ones who know we truly earned our rank and NOTHING is given.

At CFMAF we believe in realistic and practical training. We firmly believe that you will fight the way you train, so you should train the way you will fight. Hybrid Hapkido is does not base your knowledge on how many forms or katas you know, but rather your knowledge is based upon your application and understanding of the concepts and techniques taught for the real world. To develop the skills needed to perform these techniques take time. You will not hear the usual rhetoric spoken from other instructors stating that in a month or two you will be able to defend yourself fully against any attacker. It takes thousands of repetitions and thousands more until your body can react and your mind does not freeze or panic. We take the time to train you correctly. Poor and incomplete training can lead to deadly results. Gross motor skill training is good against an unskilled attacker. But what happens when the person who assaults you is facing his third strike (meaning life in prison if he is caught)? If you train as if you are always protecting yourself and your family against the best, then you are ready to protect yourself and family even if your attacker is the worse. Hybrid Hapkido is taught within the Adult Streetwise curriculum.

Here is a true story – a New York Police Officer was being approached by a man with a knife. The officer pulled his gun, fired 2 shots and immediately holstered his gun. The knife-wielding man continued his approach towards the officer and ultimately stabbed the officer to death. Why did the officer holster his weapon after only two shots? Because the firearms course he trained with instructed him to shoot two rounds and then holster his gun! During an emergency, your mind and body will revert back to what it has learned in training. So train with someone who knows how to train effectively. Train with “Master C” and Hybrid Hapkido.