Karate and Martial Arts are words use to encompass all systems and styles taught throughout the world.  Karate and Martial Arts includes systems such as Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do, Shotokan, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Kickboxing, American Karate, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, and Hapkido, to name only a few.  When joining a “Karate” school the students are forced into learning one style or system while ignoring the flaws within that system or the strengths of other Karate systems.  At CFMAF we incorporate the strengths of many Karate and Martial Arts systems while omitting their perceived weaknesses.  Kick like a kickboxer, wrestle like a wrestler, have ground defense like a BJJ and Judo practitioner, box like a boxer, learn real self defense like a Hapkido or Krav Maga practitioner, but rest assured that you are getting only the best qualities of these many styles making you more effective for the REAL WORLD.  Why be forced to choose just one, when you can have them all combined by training in the Karate and Martial Arts system found exclusively at CFMAF.

Not your typical Karate (Martial Arts) Techniques

We train not to be ‘as good as’, but to be ‘better than’

The instructors at CFMAF have well over a quarter century of training in many different styles and systems. It is evident when you see young students performing Anti Abduction and Bully Protection techniques. It is evident when you see teens and adults applying Real Self Defense against grabs, chokes, punches, and against weapons.  These skills actually work in the Real World.  The classes are proof all within themselves that is no typical Karate class.  As has been said by one of the instructors at CFMAF “Let other schools teach pretty.  We teach PRETTY EFFECTIVE!”  Our Karate/Martial Arts classes teach the young and mature about developing and maintaining a strong work ethic which equates to better application of the skills taught.  As a reward you EARN your promotion, for in our school…belts are not given, they must be earned. The students at CFMAF train to obtain knowledge, develop skill and application, and increase confidence. We believe that hard work, sweat, and dedication are the essential ingredients required to become your best.

At CFMAF we stress the “I Don’t Try…I DO!” mentality. We train not to be ‘as good as’, but to be ‘better than’the criminal lurking around the corner looking for the next victim. Whether three years of age or 90 years of age our Karate program is one in which all ages, shapes, and sizes can learn. Contact us today.

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At CFMAF we believe in realistic and practical training. We firmly believe that you will fight the way you train, so you should train the way you will fight. Our Karate program does not base your knowledge on how many forms or katas you know, but rather your knowledge is based upon your application and understanding of the concepts and techniques taught for the real world. To develop the skills needed to perform these techniques take time. Learning them can be easy.  Better application comes with time.  We take the time to train you and your family correctly because we believe that you are worth it.  Poor and incomplete training can lead to deadly results.

Here is a true story – a New York Police Officer was being approached by a man with a knife. The officer pulled his gun, fired 2 shots and immediately holstered his gun. The knife-wielding man continued his approach towards the officer and ultimately stabbed the officer to death. Why did the officer holster his weapon after two shots even with the suspect still approaching? Because the firearms course he trained with instructed him to shoot two rounds and then holster his gun. He did it that way for years! During an emergency, your mind and body will revert back to what it has learned in training. So train with the place that supplies complete training, fun training, real training.  Train with the place where the Karate Program does not exclude others sytems, but includes them all.  Choose the complete Martial Arts program in Colorado.  Choose CFMAF!

Coordination, Timing, Speed, Power, are all attributes you will learn in our Karate Program.  Whether taught with the assistance of various martial arts weapons or through empty hand training, these attritributes will assist you in the application of the techniques taught at CFMAF.  Plus, most importantly, ITS FUN!  Training can be geared toward serious scenario’s but supplied in a fun filled environment.  You get that at CFMAF!  Contact us now to view the schedule and learn about our outstanding Intro Offer!